Let us not take the gift of Heaven for granted!

Matt 22:1-10

And again Jesus spoke to them in parables, saying “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a marriage feast for his son, and sent his servants to call those who were invited to the marriage feast; but they woul not come. Again he sent other servants, saying ‘Tell those who are invited, Behold, I have made ready my dinner, my oxen and my fat calves are killed, and everything is ready; come to the marriage feast.’ But they made light of it and went off, one to his farm, another to his business, while the rest seized his servants and treated them shamefully, and killed them. The king was angry, and he sent his troops and destroyed those murderers and burned their city. Then he said to his servants, ‘The wedding is ready, but those invited were not worthy. Go therefore to the streets, and invite to the marriage feast as many as you find.’  And those servants went out into the streets and gathered all whom they found, both bad and good; so the wedding hall was filled with guests.  

In this Gospel story, Jesus is talking to the Chief priests and the elders. Throughout the Gospels, he speaks sternly and boldly to the religious leaders. This is because they don’t like him. They are jealous of all the attention and respect that the people give Jesus, an unknown carpenter from Nazareth.

Before he tells this parable, the leaders of the temple confront Jesus and ask him by what authority he teaches, in a sense they say, “What right do you have to be in this temple teaching the way that we do?” His answer is a bold and unwavering warning.

He tells of a king that sends out invitations to his son’s wedding feast. The King has spared no expense for the feast, and he is eager to share all his riches to celebrate his son’s wedding. Presumably, the King would be inviting other wealthy and respected members of society. How do they respond? Some with indifference, some with disdain, and even hatred! So the King destroys those who ignored him and rejected and harmed his servants. Then he sends servants out to gather anyone who is willing to come to the feast.

No one gets into Heaven based on position or authority. In fact, no one gets into Heaven without an invitation from God. The Kingdom is His, the riches are His, nothing gives us the “right” to share in His eternal goodness and life except a humble response to His invitation.

For Reflection:

Do you think that you will go to Heaven when you die? Why do you think this?


Lord God, all of heaven and earth are yours. I know that you see me and you love me. Forgive my sins, and when my time on earth is done, please, let me come enter into your Kingdom!



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